Why is Wire-Free Brushing Important?

Proper daily brushing is a critical step in avoiding white scars on teeth while wearing braces. At Payne Orthodontics, we take the time to remove your orthodontic wire on every visit and allow you to thoroughly brush, specially areas hard to reach with the wire in place.


Utah Invisalign and Clarity Braces

Brushing without wires can make all the difference!

White Scars

White scars on teeth are caused primarily due to poor brushing while wearing braces. These scars can be permanent.

Proper Care

Without the wire, you are able to adequately brush around the braces to reduce the likelihood of white scars.

We take the time to let you brush without a wire

At Payne Orthodontics we allocate time to allow you to thoroughly brush during each visit, unlike most practices where patients are permitted to brush only once prior to treatment.  Dr. Payne and his staff take the time to remove the orthodontic wire as this allows patients to adequately brush and floss areas that otherwise are difficult to access with the wire in place, reducing the likelihood of white scars and improving the final results. Investing time on patients’ oral health is part of Dr. Payne’s commitment to provide exceptional care.