The Payne Points

Earn points in many ways and save them to redeem them for fun prizes. See More!

Check out some of the most recent prizes!

Be sure to check the Payne Point Chest at each location to see what is currently available. Items come and go frequently and new items get cycled in as the older items are phased out. This list is for reference only, some items may no longer be available, and newer items may be here soon!

How to Earn Payne Points

At the end of each regularly scheduled appointment, take your Payne Points card showing the total number of Payne Points that you earned to the front desk, and redeem your coins.

1 Payne Point Each:

  • Having clean teeth and healthy gums at each appointment.
  • Having no broken or loose appliances at each appointment.
  • Wearing rubber bands as instructed.
  • Wearing your Payne Orthodontics t-shirt to your appointment.
    (Each family member wearing their Payne Orthodontics t-shirt earns Payne’s Points for you, too!)

4 Payne Points:

  • Earning ONLY A’s and B’s on your report card.

6 Payne Points:

  • Returning a Cleaning Certificate to us after your 6-month Dentist Check-up.

How to Redeem Your Payne Points

You may cash in at any time or save as many as you like; there is no expiration date. When you are ready to cash in your points, just bring them to the front desk to receive your prizes! We do recommend that you call first to ensure we have your desired prizes ready to go.


  1. Payne Points are awarded at your regular appointments. Walk-ins or emergencies do not apply.
  2. A prize cabinet will be filled with current prizes available. They may change from time to time. Not all prizes will always be available.
  3. Your Payne Points are your responsibility. It is just like real money; if it is lost it is gone.
  4. Your assistant will be the judge of good oral hygiene.
  5. You must bring a signed form from your regular dentist showing that you kept your 6 month check up.