Affordable Orthodontic Treatment

We strive to provide affordable orthodontic treatment in South Jordan, Saratoga Springs. A free consultation is just the start of an unmatched experience with braces. Dr. Payne has invested a lot of time and energy to make braces affordable and makes it possible for everyone to get the smile they want.

In-House Financing

A beautiful straight and healthy smile should be within reach of everyone. Payne Orthodontics offer no interest financing to alleviate the stress of making payments and paying extra in interest charges. We understand that everyone has different circumstances, and we love to work with our patients. Please give us a call if you have any questions about getting started.

No Down Payment
You can always make a down payment to help reduce your monthly payment amount.

Flexible Financing
Our finance is extended over the treatment time and we don not run your credit report.

Automatic Payments
Monthly payments need to be setup on auto charge to a Visa or Master Card to qualify.

Family Discounts

What if putting the whole family in braces was easy and could save you money? At Payne Orthodontics, that’s exactly what we try to do. Each family member can take advantage of a free consultation and discover what treatment is best for them. And then, as treatments begin, we apply discounts to the treatment plan so everyone can enjoy a little savings.

Accepted Insurances

Dental insurances can vary from one family to the next, but at Payne Orthodontics, we simplify things by working closely with each family and put together a plan that will best suite their budget.We accept most insurance providers and will help find out exactly the coverage you have. We even evaluate options with and without insurances to find the best combination of benefits and discounts to save our patients as much as possible.

Flexible Payment Plans

We make sure the plan you choose is within your budget and take time to understand your needs and discuss with you all your options. Our focus is your smile, not your wallet. We strive to provide flexible options to accommodate most families and we encourage our patients to work with us as their circumstances change. At Payne Orthodontics, there are no down payments required to begin any of our orthodontic treatments.

And don’t forget about the fun you’ll have saving your Payne Points

Heard about the Payne Points?

The Payne Points is one Dr. Payne’s favorite ways to spoil his patients. You can earn points in many ways and save them to redeem them for fun prizes.

We’re always updating the products in the Payne Points Vault to make sure you get to choose from the latest gadgets and toys.

Earn Payne Points