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Call for your orthodontic consultation at one of our locations in South JordanSaratoga Springs or East Lehi.
Free Consultation

Citas dian bogota internet, Como sacar citas por internet para essalud

Call for your FREE consultation at one of our locations in South JordanSaratoga Springs or East Lehi.

More than braces, it’s about smiles that make a difference.

Dr. Payne and Dr. Streiff are passionate about orthodontics and they love to see the impact it can have in the lives of individuals and their families. Helping patients get straight and beautiful smiles through orthodontic treatment is at the core of everything we do. Your smile is contagious, and it affects your confidence, self-esteem, and daily life. We want to make it simple and affordable for you to get the smile you always wanted.

Creating beautiful smiles that make a difference at Payne Orthodontics

Why Payne Orthodontics?

Citas dian bogota internet, Como sacar citas por internet para essalud

Our goal is to produce outstanding results, creating smiles that will give you life-long confidence while providing an experience that is second to none, all at competitive prices.


Dr. Payne and Dr. Streiff love what they do and they know their stuff. Combined with our highly trained orthodontic assistants, we make one passionate and perfectionist team.


One of our goals is to make it affordable for our patients to get healthy, straight smiles. With competitive and flexible options, we can work with almost any budget.


Every detail has been carefully considered to give you an unforgettable experience, from the waiting rooms to the semi-private rooms. Your experience is our priority.

Hear what our patients are saying:

Just Finished Up My Final Visit To Payne Orthodontics!! Most Amazing Service And Staff You Could Ask For!! Dr. Payne Is The Best! He Has Taken Care Of Both Of My Teenaged Boys Also And Their Teeth Look Amazing!!

~ Randi Shaw

Two of my three kids have gone there, and because of how they treat the patient AND the parents, my third one will go to Payne! The best of the best for us!

~ Tamatha Hartley

Wow. This office is amazing. We can bring our kids with us thanks to the free arcade in the lobby. They are also very quick and responsive if there's a problem. They were able to see us the same day for a non routine adjustment.

~ Curtis Noble

The Little EXTRAS at Payne Orthodontics

An extraordinary experience to make you smile

From start to finish, our focus is always on our patients: spacious waiting areas, free arcade games, and treatment rooms with privacy. At Payne Orthodontics, your experience will be like no other!

Semi-private Orthodontic Treatment Rooms

More Privacy

At every appointment, you can discuss your treatment in confidence and privacy in one of our semi-private rooms. We’re committed to give you a private and comfortable experience.
Arcade games at Payne Orthodontics

Arcade Games

From our waiting area to our treatment rooms, enjoy big screen TVs, Free WiFi and full-size Arcade Games. We give you the extras that make every visit comfortable, relaxing and memorable.
Learn how to earn points every visit

Payne Points

Earn and save points to redeem them for fun prizes. We’re always updating the products in the Payne Points Chest to make sure you get to choose from the latest gadgets and toys.
Brush around braces without a wire

Wire-Free Brushing

Brush and floss your teeth without a wire on every appointment and reduce the likelihood of white scars. We remove your wire and let you get a thorough brush before we replace your wire.

We’re passionate about braces and strive to create amazing results

Check out the amazing results some of our patients are getting! It’s not just about beautiful smiles, it’s about building confidence to last a lifetime.

Your Orthodontic Consultation

Payne Orthodontics offers every patient a complimentary consultation because we understand getting braces is a big commitment. Our goal during your orthodontic consultation is take time to teach and explain the details of your treatment options.

We put our patients first! Come in and experience the Payne Orthodontics difference.


What you'll get:

These are a few of be things we will go over during your consultation. We want to make sure you understand your individual case and what options you have.
Cephalometric X-ray

Cephalometric X-ray

Intraoral Orthodontic Exam

Intraoral Exam

Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic X-ray


Three Orthodontic Offices Conveniently Located

Schedule your complimentary consultation to find out which orthodontic treatment is right for you.

Orthodontist Office in South Jordan

South Jordan

Conveniently located, our South Jordan Office is just east of Bangerter Highway on South Jordan Parkway.

Call 801.260.1515
Payne Orthodontics in Saratoga Springs UT

Saratoga Springs

Our Saratoga Springs Office is located on the corner of Redwood Road and Commerce Dr. in Saratoga Springs.

Call 801.766.8111
Lehi Orthodontist


Our NEW office in East Lehi is now OPEN. Located just south of Timpanogos highway on 1200 East in Lehi.

Call 801.766.8111

Payne Orthodontics strives to provide exceptional care and competitive pricing.

Payne Orthodontics Logo
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